Why Conserve Wetlands

Wetlands are the world’s most valuable ecosystems, yet as per recent research, they are disappearing three times faster than the forests of the world.

Here are only some of the reasons why we must work to conserve and protect wetlands:

  1. Wetlands are a critical part of our natural environment, they help prevent floods, save our coastlines and ensure the development of community resilience to disasters.
  2. Urban Wetlands help by absorbing both the air pollution and water pollutants and improve the quality of air, water and therefore life.
  3. Wetland are critical to human; millions of people around the world depend on wetlands for securing their livelihood and 40% of the world’s species lives and breeds in wetlands.
  4. Wetlands are a critical source for food, raw material, genetic resources and provide many other benefits such as source of medicines and even hydropower.
  5. Wetlands provide an interesting habitat that is ideal for the development of specific kind of organisms that form the basis of the food web in most ecosystems. Wetlands feed many species of fish, amphibians, shellfish and insects. Urban wetlands support rich bird diversity.

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